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Project  and collaborations

 Doce pilares är ett specialskrivet verk för Kulturtemplet och duon Diabas som uruppförde verket 2021-10-22 .

Projektet fick stöd av både Kulturrådet och Göteborgs Stad 

Här är en förkortad version av konserten. 

Ritos III was the third edition of our music and art festival where the question of the ritual  brought to life and explored by various artists and practitioners. Here you can see the program and pictures from the festival that took place 3-5 / 7 2020

Maddie Leach

The underworld rings

In the autumn of 2018, we had the pleasure of having a group of students from Kulturverkstan

who, on behalf of the Temple of Culture, examined the connections between art /  culture and health based on this place and its unique opportunities. 

The result was an exciting collection of experiences where both advantages and disadvantages were reported. 

Here you can read the whole report


Tuned by architecture  

2016-2017 was ongoing  an exciting collaboration with Chalmers that resulted in this fantastic thesis that focused on the relationship between architecture and acoustics.



Until I get out of here

A fantastic exhibition of students from  Valand Academy,

Photo: Kjell  Caminha and  Rose Borthwick

Altered Landscapes


In collaboration with Clandestino Institut  In 2016, we were able to have an exhibition with the artist Juan Delgado and his work Altered Landscapes in the Temple of Culture.

Now we have a new collaboration underway with Juan which we are planning as part of his project In the shadow of the midnight sun  




Marina Cyrino worked in the Temple of Culture during her research project that explores the musician's identity and relationship in  co-creation with other artists and different environments.  

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