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About the Temple of Culture

The Temple of Culture  gives new life to this beautiful building from 1901,  the old water reservoir in Gråberget which has been out of use  for more than 70 years. A piece of it is hidden here  history above all an acoustic treasure and a magical atmosphere  which today is used by artists from many  different fields and  an always curious audience.  
The name Kulturtempel came into being in an attempt to describe  the character of the place and  a function that was intended  to. Today, the idea has led to the question  about what a contemporary, secular temple could be, a place where we worship listening?
We have been active for 5 years  years of guided tours, concerts, exhibitions and  collaborative project where we let different artists collaborate and create based on the conditions of this room.  
Right now we are in an uncertain situation where the possibilities of continuing to operate have been questioned. That is why we have started this collection of names where you who want to support us can go in and sign.
The culture temple is run as a non-profit association. If you want to be a member, you are welcome. 
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