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About the Temple of Culture

The culture temple gives new life to this beautiful building from 1901, the old water reservoir in Gråberget that has been out of use for more than 70 years. A bit of history is hidden here and above all an acoustic treasure that is today used by artists from many different fields and an always curious audience. 
The name Kulturtempel came about in an attempt to describe the character of the place and a function that we aimed at. The question of what a contemporary, secular temple could be, a place where we worship, listen?
We have been active for 5 years with guided tours, concerts, exhibitions and collaborative projects where we let different artists collaborate and create based on this room's unique conditions. 

Right now we are in an uncertain situation where the possibilities to continue are being tested. We have received a requirement to apply for a building permit and have it approved in order to be able to sign a longer agreement with the municipality. We want to show that our activities are needed and that it is important for the city's free cultural life. That is why we have started this name collection where you who want to support us can go in and sign.

We who work with the Cultural Temple are: 

Jorge Alcaide / Artistic leader and guide

Anita Van Dorn / Artist and Curator

Evelina Åhrman / Cultural Heritage Conservation

Daniela Hukkinen / Dancers and permaculture

Kajsa Sperling / Light Architect

Felipe Botero / arranger / electronic music & sound art

August Norborg / arranger / Electronic music & Sound art

Jens Ahlberg / Editor and musician

Evelina Varas / Poet 

Juan Carlos Poblete / Filmmaker

Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson / Dancer 

Jonny Berg / Dancer 

Maxime Choin / Artist & producer

Trinidad Carrillo / Artist & Musician

Henrik Lindholm / Consulting exhibition architect

Cultural heritage value





Here you can read about the water reservoir's antiquarian value:



Here you can see the beautiful original drawings from 1901. The architect's name was Adrian C. Peterson
Thanks to the regional archive for the copies!
Kulturtemplet sektion1.jpg
Plan Kulturtemplet.jpg
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