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Guided tours  

During this special period, we have canceled concerts and other major public events. But thanks to support from the Swedish Arts Council, we can now offer Corona-adapted guided tours for groups between 1-7 people! These are of course done under restrictive conditions and special information is provided when booking.

Experience the magical acoustics of the old water tank.

The musician and initiator of the Culture Temple Jorge Alcaide guides you through the mystery of the rock room with the help of sound and music, a

mix of concert and guided tour as  also is a journey into the inner listening.  Finally, the audience can also explore the room and sound on their own.

ca. 40 min  

SEK 100 / person


Foto:Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt

STÄNGT TILLSVIDARE! Tyvärr måste vi ställa in den programmerade verksamheten tillsvidare pga. säkerhet. Byggnaden måste genomgå vissa åtgärder innan vi kan få tillträde igen. 

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