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 The portal to the reservoir is K-marked. But on the inside there are also valuable things that we would like to restore so that they are both useful and visible to visitors. One of them is this beautiful spiral staircase that leads down to the pump.

Sound Museum

We want to use the fantastic sound phenomenon in this reservoir as a setting for an experience labyrinth where several sound stations are available to visitors. During the guided tour, you can try to play on various specially built instruments or sound sources. 

This project will primarily be developed in collaboration with our school screenings. 

 Nature & culture house

Our view of culture as the opposite of nature can and must be questioned, especially today, given how we are changing in relation to nature after a time of naive industrialism and blind growth.  The Temple of Culture is a project that wants to see Nature and Culture collaborate.   We want from the outside  permaculture work with the green area outside. The natural conditions inside the reservoir still govern; the moisture, the cold, the darkness, and not least the acoustics, have provided  us new perspectives  in our creation that can be inspiring for a broader view of culture. 

The story

The reservoir has a history that we would like to develop. Do you know anything  reservoir history? feel free to share it with us. 

Temple therapy

Another focus in the Cultural Temple's objectives is the therapeutic one.  It is about offering sensual experiences where you either yourself, in pairs or in a group can be in an environment that is remote from everyday life, beyond demands and habitual behavioral patterns, beyond thought and verbal communication.  

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